Benefits of e10

E10 is Good for your car

E10 is a safe and reliable fuel that had has been used in NSW since 1992. The ethanol in E10 is 35% oxygen, allowing a more complete burn in the engine, therefore leading to better combustion and fewer emissions. Ethanol helps prevent build-up in your fuel injection system, keeping your engine cleaner and optimising the performance of your car.
Car manufacturers and experienced mechanics support the use of E10. In fact, many car manufactures are now are making flexible fuel vehicles that can run on E85, 85% ethanol.
To check your cars compatibility refer to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries

E10 is Good for your pocket

At typically 94.5 octane, E10 is the best value high octane fuel.

E10 is Good for our planet

E10 reduces harmful emissions by up to 30%. Carcinogens in petrol such as butadiene and benzene are reduced 19% and 27% respectively with an E10 blend.
It is the health benefits of ethanol blends which have been the driving force for ethanol blends to be mandated in over 52 countries.

The AMA has said, “In our opinion, there is incontrovertible evidence that the addition of ethanol to petrol and biodiesel to diesel will reduce the deaths and ill-health associated with the emissions produced by burning those fuels.”

E10 is Good for our Farmers

Ethanol adds value to agricultural crops, therefore benefiting our regional communities. Manildra Group currently purchases wheat from over 6000 farmers.
A thriving ethanol industry would bring many benefits to regional Australia and create employment in regional areas.

In Australia, issues related to food versus fuel or land-use versus fuel haven’t been relevant to the biofuels industry because, so far, the industry hasn’t been competing with human food or animal feed, either directly or indirectly.