Your car

Your Car

The majority of cars built after 1986 can use E10 blended fuel. The most reliable source to confirm if your car is suitable to use E10 is the car manufacturer themselves. We recommend you visit your relevant car manufactures web site or the Industry body which represents all of the car manufacturers website, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
Note: Whilst your local mechanic may have a view on the use of certain fuels, there is no better source than the company who made the vehicle.

Ethanol and Motor sports

Ethanol is emerging as one of the world’s new performance fuels. Several teams in national and international racing competitions use ethanol because of its high octane and exceptional performance.
In 2009, the V8 Supercars – Australia’s peak motorsport series – recognised its benefits. It changed to E85, an 85% ethanol blend, as a control fuel for all races including the iconic Bathurst 1000 competition. Holden is following suit with its iconic Commodore.

Ethanol home grown fuel